Home to Atlanta, Georgia

My Lee Abbey London friend from 2002 visited me for a weekend from Memphis, TN while I was visiting my mom for a week earlier this month. I hadn’t seen him in about 5.5 years and we essentially hadn’t changed at all. We’re standing in front of the Atlantic Station IKEA, the other bird he was trying to hit with one visit. Our pose is the “My friend is married ” pose.

View of Midtown Atlanta.

My oldest friend in Atlanta took me to a new Korean restaurant called “Honey Pig”. Thank you Young!

My other High School friend got us dessert at Suno. Thank you Alice!

This little shop is probably one of the only small businesses left over from old Atlanta on Lavista Rd. I bought some Amish rainbow popcorn here and then helped an elderly woman carry two cakes back to her car. Inside of course, the proprietors were talking of how Obama was ruining the economy and how no one buys produce anymore. The whole visit was a cliché but I go every time.