Museum of Broken Relationships

May 3, 2014 (iPhone 5s)


I was tempted to buy this piece of chocolate but had no one to give it to but myself.

After the first 2,5 rooms, I stopped reading all the summaries and only looked at the artifacts. It still became a little depressing. After 30 years, one lady’s husband told her “I never loved you” and left. She never understood what happened. “I don’t understand what happened.” Her artifact was this small, old, worn stuffed toy of snoopy. He could have had the decency to explain, but to realize at the end of your life it was all a lie. But at least she got to spend 30 years with someone SHE loved. Another woman’s artifact was a joint checkbook, which she saw as signifying their financial togetherness through the purchase of a house and children and then their financial separation with divorce and her subsequent years of psychotherapy. There was only one story of an unbroken relationship in this museum. The first story I read. The artifact was of a life size toy car, one the person telling the story always wanted as a child. His wife finally found him one. He concluded that when you love someone you want to make all their dreams come true. In the end, their happiest moment becomes your happiest moment, their saddest your saddest.