These photographs have the average girl syndrome. My mom says that a beautiful face can only get uglier with time or you get bored and it becomes normalized. However the face of an average looking girl, slowly becomes better looking the more you look at it. I didn’t think twice about these photographs when I first took them, the seagulls were all in the wrong places but now, a year later, I appreciate their imperfect, subtle beauty.

First impression Istanbul

January 2012 (Nikon D50)

The first time I flew into Istanbul, I saw these exotic fishing boats, ones that cast nets like a bridal train from above in the plane. They were silhouetted against strong light and looked like they came from an ancient world that wasn’t Western.

I saw these same boats again outside our hotel window and for awhile, I couldn’t stop taking photos of them. They will always represent my first impression of Istanbul.


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