Chinese Riddle at Fondazione Prada


‘Corner Door and Doorframe (Installation view),’ 2014-2015,. Robert Gober

Stepping out of the metro at Lido T.I.B.B., I spotted an Asian couple that looked like they were going where I was going and they were. The woman apologized that her Italian had overtaken her knowledge of English so she could now only speak English in aphorisms. On the other hand, her companion had studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and only spoke German, so I spoke with him and exchanged short English questions with the lady. As artists and teachers, they took me under their wing all throughout the visit.

In a gold leaf building known as the “Haunted House,” I walked into a space that instantly reminded me of a picture. With its light almost faded blue walls and sketches of a lone tree, I thought that picture (If I could have seen the look on my face). As I was thinking this, the lady spoke these words.

Lady: This is famous.

Me: Is it Louise? (she gave me a look)

Lady: This is contemporary art.

Me:… (which contemporary art world are you living in or rather, which one am I)

Later on, still thinking of her riddle on the third floor circling butter in a crib.

Me: Why is it contemporary art?

Lady: Too complicated, Google it.

Story of my life.

A few hours later in the Gallerie d’Italia, drawn to the words Beauty Restored, I took this picture. Being a facade kind of girl, I found myself looking at a corner… unknowingly what I had seen was already showing up in my images.




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