NoMad Library Working Girl

Photo by Alice Gao via
Photo by Alice Gao via

An Indian-Canadian girl, who was wearing the ubiquitous New York working girl uniform (a dark blue version of the predominantly black) form hugging but not revealing sleeveless dress, her hair-up with flats was sitting behind me. It was a little past 2pm and she had a cocktail, her head down preoccupied with her cellphone.

About 20 minutes later a slightly older woman’s voice came into the picture. She apologized profusely how she was usually never late and therefore, how this lateness made it all the more out of character for her to be so late. The one-sided conversation that followed was hard to distinguish from a job interview or a getting to know you potential business partner meeting due to forcing myself not to listen. Working girl introduces herself to late girl.

Working girl: “I’m 33. After my MBA…. 5 years at Citigroup… everyone in this path… goes into the industry… retail… Warby Parkers of the world …. living out of suitcase from Vancouver, San Fran, and NYC … the Nomad is great, I stayed here before…. no let me get the check… here is my card.”

She leaves late girl to finish her drink on her own.




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