World’s Best Cocktail Menu: The Dead Rabbit

Courtesy of The Dead Rabbit NYC
Photo Courtesy of The Dead Rabbit NYC

“If its the best in the city, its probably the best in the world.” the words of a New Yorker

The wood timbered ceiling made me think of an English pub whereas it reminded my friend of something French. We were both wrong (obviously Northern Irish), but in America, can you really be wrong? The cover of the parlor mixed drinks menu had the red fleur-de-lis design of a deck of cards as the waitresses and mixologist were uniformly dressed in red. Inside, the cocktails were divided by seasons with stories and images told in the language of Puritan hardship and the look of V for Vendetta. Without coordinating, I ordered a cocktail called Bloodlust and my friend Wanderlust. We were given complimentary apéritifs in chinoiserie teacups.

Photo Courtesy of The Dead Rabbit

My friend was carrying a tote containing large handfuls of paper surveys for work. As she squeezed past two wooden tables, one having been pulled out for her to get to the inner seat, her bag powerfully knocked over a small tumbler of water. It shattered on the floor, broken glass all over after spilling on the table and on the red dress of another patron who looked like she was on a date after work.

The strangest clean-up job transpired. The broken glass was left and the two ladies in red silently wiped the water off the table with solemn expressions and then the patron dabbed at the excess water on her dress and went immediately back to the conversation she was having with her date. Not a word was said among the five of us about the spill.

WANDERLUST – Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey, Pear, Almond, Chocolate, Cream, Egg, Aromatic Bitters

My friend got three variations of Wanderlust. The first one tasted like eggnog (and looked like eggnog) and the third version focused more on the chocolate. The third version was the best version as certain tastes could be disguised or brought out depending on your wishes.

BLOODLUST – Ron Zacapa 23 Solera Rum, Fernet Branca, Ginger, Raspberry

I made no such requests but my Bloodlust tasted like whiskey and my second drink Pirate Queen like Cinnamon, neither of which I expected or desired but still good.

PIRATE QUEEN – Plantation 5 Year Old Barbados Rum, Bols Genever, Honey, Ginger, Almond, Strawberry, Lemon, Creole Bitters


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