Inside a Neukölln bar

Two unemployed former colleagues commiserating . . . its hard to say who won the battle of the down and out.

We’re sitting at the bar right in front of the mixologist.

Former colleague: “I can’t order, I think that bartender is too hot.”

“I really hate ordering because they can never understand me but okay” I catch the eye of another bartender.

“Zwei rot Wein Corbieres” as I am saying Corbieres he says “Gran Passione”

“Nein, Corbieres”

“Corbieres” correctly in French.

Another bartender enters the picture and looks at me asking me what I want. I want to say in German I already ordered 2 red wines but the only thing that stumbles out of my mouth as I point behind him where my wine is being poured is “die zwei rot Wein” (the two red wine)

He looks at me with understanding and grabs a beer glass and says “Ein Rollberg” (a Berlin beer called Rollberg). Then I start laughing uncontrollably as the guy behind him brings over our wine glasses. The other Rollberg bartender sees this and also starts laughing and then the first bartender is like why is everyone laughing.

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