Tchoban Foundation

Oct 19, 2014

The Tchoban Foundation was smaller, more quiet and intimate than I expected but then again how many people want to pay 5 euros to see some architectural drawings. The visitor turnout on a late Sunday afternoon in October was about 1 visitor every 20 minutes so each person had at least one room of exhibition space entirely to themselves. Architecturally, the most interesting part of the design apart from its unusual exterior (which looked like ancient Egyptian slave workers had done a really bad job of stacking up the stones straight) is the stairwell. The stairwell had sheets of what looked like metal bronze with lacerated thins lines cut through them to admit light. The top floor had a glass penthouse in which you could look out into residential Prenzlauer Berg and review different exhibition books.


View from within
View from within
L'hôtel particulier à Paris exhibition
L’hôtel particulier à Paris exhibition

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