Post Traumatic Great Love Syndrome


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I recently watched An Affair to Remember, and the degree of Cary Grant’s tan was a bit hard to swallow for the entire length of the film. Loved the repartee and the comic relief in the beginning. I wanted to see this film to find out where it all began, or was this movie referring to some other unknown reference… how the Empire State building became a symbolic meeting place for lovers.

If Grant’s character had never found out the truth about the accident, he would have been the victim of post-traumatic great love syndrome. There are two options for Great Loves: marriage and children or leaving the jilted extremely fucked up. The fucked up get stuck in a psychological loop, forever trying to recapture the happiness they once felt with their Great Love. They mold their lives around remembrance. Other women or men become revolving bodies, only to remind them of the depth they once felt for the Great Love. Perhaps they feel like they can never love again.

Some never recover like in Cinema Paradiso, Salvatore instead pursues his destiny in Rome. During the film, he never loves again; however, one hopes that after watching the montage of cinematic kisses, he will.


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