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My understanding of music or dance is not sophisticated. If words want to paint a picture or pictures want to tell a story, then you move to the music or rhythm isn’t dancing. I once knew someone who believed Mozart (the someone was German) should be listened to in clubs or a rather churches turned into clubs (he liked Nietzsche too) with concert goers dancing wildly. He felt someone who wasn’t compelled to movement while listening to Classical music was somehow not human, an android he could not understand and that android was me. Mozart did not make me want to dance… This was his vision of the good life, churches filled with people dancing to the music of Mozart. He later married a viola prodigy. I later came to write about him in this blog.

Then you see how powerful and beautiful dance and music can be together with Sia’s Chandelier music video. In an interview, the 11-year old dancer Maddie Ziegler says she was told to channel her crazy and the weird. The choreographer Ryan Heffington, well he is also an artist but the movements understand or rather speak to the lyrics but the dancer Maddie, she feels the music. The lyrics and the apartment speak of desperation and the fall, but Sia’s voice and Maddie’s dance express a beauty that can only be experienced and expressed with an imminent fall, aka swinging on a chandelier, like a bird in flight, drying the tears.  Maddie’s androgynous form and near nudity with just a blond wig makes the musical transference all the more easier from Sia’s voice embodied in Maddie’s dance. A perfect example of the sister arts music and dance.

Postscript: I made a friend watch this music video and she thought it was powerful but scary. I thought it was a difference in our sensibilities but then she said it was a video about someone going crazy in a room of invisible people and a dissolution of the self… and I was like what! Although that would explain the dancer’s facial expressions and hand movements but that actually would be scary. I can see her interpretation in the video now but I would rather see mine.

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