Spiegelsaal “The Mirror Hall”

iPhone 5s TODAY!

I always wanted to take photographs of just the interior (no event) at Speigelsaal next to Clärchens Ballhaus and today I bypassed the waiters and went upstairs. It was as if someone had been expecting me. My iPhone 5s had a difficult time handling the strong afternoon light coming from the windows, might go back tomorrow with my Nikon D50.

The Spiegelsaal has an eerie but beautiful ambience. It still bears its scars from WWII and well, you can see the affect in the photos.


IMG_1714 2




8 thoughts on “Spiegelsaal “The Mirror Hall”

  1. Hi. I found your images of the mirror hall and I like them a lot.
    I’m a photography artist and I was wondering if it would be ok for you if I use one or two of this images in the background of my artwork? It is a an image with a model in vintage fashion so it would fit perfect. Of Course I also would credit your work. You can have a look at some of my work here:
    Thanks !!

    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you! Sure you can use them. I can even send some other versions if you find that you need something more in one place or the other. Let me know when you finish the image. Would love to see it. Happy New Year Best, J

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