Blowing cash during my days as a work horse

June 22, 2012 (Nikon D50)

Considering I made no money my first year in sales, blowing cash to relieve stress was an unfortunate desire. I had a partner in crime, a friend working in marketing for an automotive company. We were both working in predominantly male environments. We complained about the geishas of the office world and the male machos who sustained them.

Office world geishas: smart girls who pretend to be helpless to get male machos (or other suckers) to do the work for them and then they get praised for work they didn’t do

Male machos: always trying to prove their penis is bigger than your penis or vagina

We had first complained about male bullies, the geishas were a new revelation I had never dreamed of experiencing. My friend saw all the bright, attractive women at her company going off to make babies and the unattractive geishas rising with their office spouses to the top although she said their downfalls were always imminent. Needless to say, her dream was to report on UFO sighting or work for an NGO and I fantasized about just walking out of the office and going straight to Tuscany. I just wanted to drop off the edge of my world and into La Dolce Vita. We planned a trip to London to make our misery worth it.

I found a design hotel that was just reopening and thought why don’t we stay there. It didn’t take much convincing my friend to stay near Baker street no matter what the cost. She had grown up as a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and apparently he lived on Baker street. I had accidentally fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams.

This was the first and probably the last time I will ever spend so much of my own money on a hotel room. It was actually painful saying goodbye to the cash. We stayed at the Dorset Square Hotel and had to share a bed.


This was literally the entirety of our hotel room, the only thing missing in the picture is our flatscreen TV and hallway. The advertised city view was out to an enormous ventilator which we complained about to no avail. Apparently that was the city view from the second floor. Our bathroom however was all dark marble and had the pompous feel of a Trump building interior. It was kind of frightening, as I felt I was showering in the belly of Big Business. We did however enjoy the softest sheets I had ever slept in and bathroom products that were nicer than my own.


I tried to convince myself that I was paying to sleep under this originally designed headboard. It was a beautiful motif.


The mini bar we could only look at.


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