Beach snobs

July 2013 (iPad photos) When we saw the most popular beach in Split, Bačvice beach, we were stunned at its proletariat feel. Image After walking past the bus station, the ferry port and train tracks, we found the beach. We were two Asian girls peeking over the shrubbery at this view. My friend who lives in NYC said, “This reminds me of Coney Island.” I said, “This looks just like an utopian Communist beach. This could be Berlin.” An everyman’s beach. You can’t see it in the photo but off in the distance we could see these dirty white, almost grey canopies flapping in the wind. There were people everywhere along the boardwalk. The people in the water were playing this popular game invented in Split called Picigin, a game in which you keep a small ball from hitting the water for as long as possible. We had become beach snobs, having spent the last two days at this beach bar, Hula Hula in Hvar. We turned around and walked back to the city.

Hula Hula
Hula Hula

photo 2

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