Preview Berlin 2012: Art Buyer

Library - 1850

I bought art from this kid Ruben Valentin Schmidt. I paid 16 euros for the work below. He played artist, I played art buyer, and his grandmother offered the punchline at the end.


I saw him drawing in his grown-up professor clothes and thought he was the best thing I had seen at the entire fair. His little gallery/studio was in a small back section and his mother was asking him if he wanted some lunch. He ignored her and kept drawing. I asked her about the drawings on the wall and she explained they were all his and why not. His parents owned a gallery in Berlin. Many of his drawings were of this cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. His mother explained little Ruben saw it for the first time when he was six and has been drawing it ever since. I kept wondering if that was his beer on the table.

As I was leaving with my purchase in hand, I finally saw his grandmother sitting behind me the whole time, as we smiled at each other and I passed by, she said in perfect English “You never know. . .”

I went back to Preview Berlin in 2013 and saw little Ruben had moved on to another building.



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