Anish Kapoor SSM Istanbul



A warm Istanbul winter, after Christmas 2013 at the Sakip Sabanci Museum, a villa along the Bosphorus close to almost nothing. All my other encounters with Kapoor’s work were massive and sublime, structures you could walk into or underneath.   Abstract and without form almost eating up the space of the gallery or museum to fit its own needs. The size allowed for playful visitor interaction, parents could take photos, kids could play inside. I used to think cute jellybean. I never thought of Kapoor’s work in a sexual way until I saw this exhibition. There were some pieces like the one below that reminded me of his more familiar work.

2013-12-27 14.55.58

Structures that reflected its surroundings.


(I just really liked these covered rock forms)


But the majority of the other work were slits, hanging sacks, holes, deep holes, structures penetrating holes and then there were these cute rocks. When I saw a group of elementary school kids all standing in front of a vaginal opening in marble, I couldn’t help but wish I spoke Turkish to understand the tour guide.


After all that sexually stimulating art with a long time friend, I misread the menu and accidentally ordered a serving of Sucuk sausages when I thought I was ordering dumplings.


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