Birds and cats

A friend recently observed that my life was dangerously orbiting around birds and cats. During our trip to Istanbul, I took over 1000 photographs with my iPad of seagulls chasing our ferry for cracker crumbs. When the conversation would lull into silence, I would be asked how my cat was doing to which I gave the same response I did the day before, that the cat was getting fatter. He’s been getting fat for the past two years and now I think the cat is finally losing weight. The observation seemed ominous, thoughts traveled back to my father’s retirement existence. The similarities were striking. When I visit my dad back home, he has endless stories of cats and birds. From the time he drops off my half brother at school to when both my stepmom and half brother come back home, my dad passes his time luring birds to our back porch and observing the cat that lives outside our front door. He places his camera on a tripod and sets on the railing a broken branch with berries, a plastic coke bottle filled with bird seeds, fruit, flowers, mugs, cans, actual coke and all kinds of birds come. He tells of how the cat got pregnant by the neighboring cats. The front porch cat has given birth like three times.

He posts most of his photos on a Korean online community that seems like a maze to reach his photos in folder after folder however that seems to be his online medium of choice. He showed me a series in which a bird ate the food he placed out and then flew down to the railing and took a dump afterwards. My dad even caught the bird lifting one leg to do it.

  544310_550415298323506_846463010_n By Frank Lee

Living in Berlin for many of friends who visited or who lived here for a couple of months/years was a nice second choice if something they wanted more failed. If I can’t get into law school, I’d love to live in Berlin and freelance. If I can’t find a job after my PhD, I can always more to Berlin. And if you already live in Berlin, its travel. As one working artist told me, oh I have lots of friends who can’t do art so they travel.

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