Satsuma peels in a coffin


I found this really beautiful watercolor sketch of satsuma peels that I wanted to upload but couldn’t.

Across the street from where I work, past a cheap hostel (in which sales guys spy girls unknowingly changing in a  bare, brightly lit room without curtains) and a successful Portuguese deli / grocery, I walk down an alley passing two art galleries to a Lidl around the corner where I have been buying my biweekly bag of satsumas. I peel them on the pages of my notebook where I have writing the names of e-commerce manager emails, phone numbers and extensions. I then wrap the peels in the used, stained notebook paper and toss them in the wastebasket. I thought this was the most practical and the only way one could eat satsumas at work.

We have a new 19 year-old girl at work who saw me doing this for the first time tonight and she said the most amazing thing. She asked “why do you always put the peels in a coffin before throwing them away.” She found it so strange and bizarre she (as an aspiring artist/painter) was compelled to sketch me doing this. In the drawing, she put down my hair which was in a messy bun today down my shoulders and gave me stick arms peeling a satsuma.

She has a clairvoyance beyond her years.

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