Find a dream Shut it down


” Find a job

Find a friend

Find a home

Find a dog

Settle down

Out of town

Find a dream

Shut it down”

“A few months ago, a reader of this site joked that he was tired of explaining to nonacademic employers why he was 30 with zero practical work experience and so he decided that he was just going to take his PhD off his resume and tell people that he had been in a coma for the last ten years.  At least, I think he was joking.”


For me, Berlin really resonates with this concept of youth, of idealism and reckless abandon. Berlin is a kind of urban campus for emerging adults, like some kind of restless laboratory for creative practise. But I’m beginning to feel that I may be at the turning point in my life where I have to step out of the lab and move on. It’s almost like I’ve graduated from this school and now I have to leave so that others can come and learn. Everyone deserves their time. Mine has been extraordinary.” Emilie Trice


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