Art of Fielding

You’re made to think in life, you only have one chance, a brief window in time in which your potential and all the other factors needed to propel you to the big leagues depends on a critical moment, the defining moment. If not seized, your life will continue in the same monotony as it did before. This novel shows you life gives you many chances, failure in fact, is necessary to find the right kind of success. When you fail, life and people forgive you. Even when you’ve almost reached perfection, you might have to start all over again.

The scene in the novel I will always remember, when I’m metaphorically soaking in a tub filled with my own urine, I will know that victory comes in all guises, sometimes almost killing me, making me  run to home plate in a half unconscious manic burst of energy, running faster than I’ve ever run before, securing victory and then passing out.

” “You guys,” he said softly, the respect in his voice legit, ” are some scary motherfuckers.” “

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