Music like graffiti

When I first heard that Coldplay’s latest album was influenced by “The Wire”, old school American graffiti and a love story with a happy ending, I became interested. However, watching and listening to “Every Teardrop is like a Waterfall” performed (Glastonbury 2011), I got the sense Coldplay had morphed graffiti to a high-brow Frank Stella painting and made the love story into Chris Martin’s love for his children. As for “The Wire”, I think its the tower block in their official music video.

Frank Stella

One thing graffiti usually lacks is meticulous precision, organization and abstraction, there is always something very literal about graffiti. For example, the sparkle on a letter, really sparkles, the equivalent of seeing a dotted “i” with a circle or a heart, usually a sign for me that this person is stuck in the 6th grade.

For some reason, I don’t think Chris Martin is singing to or about his love for GP in this song but rather his children because the happiness is just too one dimensional. Its not love mixed with the complications of romantic love (as defined by Penguin books, impossible, torturous, dangerous, beautiful, sad, tragic, hopeless, or innocent) but just LOVE, happy LOVE you’d have for a child or is that what a happy, contented marriage feels like . . . every teardrop would be a waterfall ?


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