Game of Life

I played the game of life this evening with two American girls and it was in many ways strangely similar to my own life. The funny part of the game is that no matter what number you spin, you have to stop at certain places on the board to pick a career, get married, and buy a house and then you end the game in a retirement home or millionaire mansion. Not sure if it was because this was a German version or if we missed part of the rules but none of us had a chance to have any kids. In this game of life, I decided to go to university and landed first on a trip to Europe. Afterwards, I had a choice of three careers: a librarian, teacher, or superstar. I obviously picked superstar. Then I kept spinning 2s and 3s slowing crawling my way to marriage but before I could stop at marriage, I landed on losing my turn for one round so the other two players were already buying houses when I finally got married. Then after marriage, I kept landing on payday and wrote a best-selling novel! However, I was only halfway across the game board by the time the other two girls had finished the game of life.

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