Breaking Dawn

I had a choice of seeing “Examined Life” at Kino Arsenal of 8 philosophers (Peter Singer, Judith Butler and Martha Nussbaum) pondering New York City locations that had significance for them or Bella marrying Edward and then having a baby. After no one could go see “Examined Life”, I decided if I’m going alone, I’m seeing someone get married. At times, I felt like a voyeuristic pervert witnessing the honeymoon of a very good-looking couple, other times like there was nothing common about marrying and having a baby, that this was also an accomplishment and something to value. It also made me wish I had a vampire who loved me or a werewolf who imprinted on me… Bella was constantly on the verge of dying either at the hands of Edward her husband or her half vampire baby. And the vampire kiss, so immortalized as a form of sexual climax for both the vampire and the victim becomes in this film, a desperate bite on the arm, on her calf, anywhere on her dying anorexic body to keep her alive.

0 cover letters = 1 really bad bratwurst

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