Duchesse De Bourgogne

I tried to be adventurous in Brussels and instead of ordering Leffe, on a whim I picked this beer called Duchesse De Bourgogne. My friend had to come back twice to look at the menu as she had probably never heard of or ordered it before. Apparently, I must have been the first patron ever to order this beer because it turned out their one bottle of Duchesse De Bourgogne had gone bad but no one knew for sure for a very long time. I first noticed the beer smelled strangely of vinegar and when I took a sip it also tasted of vinegar. I’m not a beer expert but that seemed strange. My friend tried it and also agreed, then her friend tried it and said it smelled off. Then another friend tried it but he thought it was okay and allocated the strangeness to it being a cherry flavored beer, just confirming why he never drank cherry flavored beers. Then his two friends from Croatia tried it and they also didn’t like it but thought it must be because of the cherry flavor. I tried to take another sip and thought I would just finish drinking it as it cost 3,5 but then my hand never reached out to the glass. Then slowly, as it sat on the table untouched, it began to even look off as the white foam of the beer started to clump in little circles, making it look like mold. My friend then took the beer back to the bartender and asked, “is this normal?” and without tasting it, she replied yes. Then the glass of beer sat on the counter for about more 20 minutes till a middle-aged man walked in and headed to the counter and took a sip of my glass of beer. The bartender looked at him and then he shook his head to one side and then the bartender took a small sip and then immediately poured the beer down the sink. After seeing this exchange, my stomach started to hurt just thinking that I had actually contemplated drinking an entire glass of beer that had gone off.

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