What philosopher are you?

I sent a message to someone today on Facebook and found these priceless quotes from 2008 when everyone was taking quizzes on which philosopher, movie star, TV show they were. I wrote “I didn’t realize Plato and Heidegger was such a contradiction till you pointed it out. Those tests are ridiculous and addictive, I changed myself from Voltaire to Bergson by answering which animal do I want to be stuck in a spaceship with from literary animals to koalas . . . and my German philosopher was decided by my answer preference for Existentialism over Phenomenology or else I would have been Husserl, sucks I wanted to be Schopenhaer and Camus.” Wow, I was really trying to be smart.

Also in 2008, someone wrote to me, “Honestly, I’ve never seen anybody so systematically draw wrongheaded conclusions from the skimpiest possible fact base . . .”. 4 years later “Do you want to meet for coffee?”

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