When you Kill the Chorus

The sounds of Africa … that distant Arcadia filled with innocent school children dancing and the songs of the gospel filling the air. Clearly, this is not the sound of America. The music changes to trap with the words ‘This is America.’ Just as the music switches from joy to trap, the music video takes place in a space evocative of David LaChapelle’s video for ‘Take me to Church’ in which Sergei Polunin dances his last dance alongside the facial gestures of Shia LaBeouf in Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ in which he battles like an animal.

The music video starts off unconstitutional – there’s no separation between church and state as an execution takes place of a captive blind seer prophet by someone striking a pose (Madonna) and the church choir (like a Greek chorus) gets gunned down for no reason. Feared, shot and hunted… black man. The rule of law applies for some while for the black man in America, it’s still the Wild West.